Knowledgeable and Actionable Business Consulting

Running your business requires you to think about not just today, but tomorrow as well. Part of being a successful business owner involves mitigating legal risks and taking proactive steps to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully in the years to come.

That is why at Markle • DeLaCruz, LLP we offer comprehensive legal counsel for Houston area businesses. While we are talented business litigators, we believe true success comes from proper planning and preparation. We consult you on every aspect of your business’s operations — from drafting legal contracts to setting up employment policies.

Helping Your Business Grow and Prosper

Our legal counsel takes your short and long-term goals into consideration. Since many of our clients work with us over the life of their businesses, we are able to truly understand your business’s needs inside and out. This allows us to offer consulting services that evolve and adapt with the marketplace, and help you prepare for any changes in circumstance that may affect your business’s operations.

Contact Our Clear Lake Office to Get Started

Attorney Obed DeLaCruz is a talented business lawyer and certified public accountant (CPA) in Texas. He is also bilingual, and is passionate about helping our local Hispanic business community. Whether you operate your business in English or Spanish, we are able to accommodate your needs and set you up for success.

If you are looking for trusted business consulting, call our office at 281-486-0677 to set up your initial consultation, or reach out online to get started.