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“Thank you and Spencer for being such an amazing law firm. You have my recommendation to any and all I know.”
Karen Benes, Account Manager, Magnum Technical Services

“Dear Spencer, again, thank you very much for an outstanding job. You were just great from start to finish and I feel so lucky to have had you represent me.”
Maxwell Axler, MD

“Dear Spencer, I thought you made a fine closing argument in the Wagner case. You did an excellent job of representing your client.”
Michael Phifer, attorney

“Dear Medical Protective, I want to tell you what an outstanding job Spencer Markle did on the Judge Boots Krueger case.”
James Muntz, MD

“Dear Spencer, you tried a hell of a case and you did your client right. Keep up the good work. I can’t say I enjoyed getting beat, but I did!”
John Howie, attorney

“Dear Spencer, Roger Berghs shared with me the seven page letter from Dr. McMullen regarding his recent trial. While I already knew you were an exceptional lawyer, I didn’t know that you were born on Mount Olympus.”
George Lopuszynski, Vice President, The Medical Protective Company

“Dear Spencer, you are remembered as an excellent advocate and damned worthy adversary, but also a nice guy.”
George Chandler, attorney

“Dear Spencer, we are certainly pleased that the court has denied plaintiff’s motion for a new trial. Congratulations to you and your team.”
Joseph R. Breed, VP and General Counsel, Simpson Paper Company

“Dear Mr. Markle, I am grateful to you for your excellent defense of Dr. Phillip Adams in a recent malpractice lawsuit. I was impressed by your excellent defense as well as the clarity of your line of reasoning.”
James Livesay, MD

“My regards to Spencer. Please tell him I still remember how awesome he was in court.”
Administrator for Rowes Eye Center

“In my opinion, Mr. Markle is one of the best trial lawyers I have had the privilege to work with and certainly the most consistently successful in the state of Texas.”
Gregory J. Bubalo, former VP and General Counsel, The Paradigm Insurance Company

“Dear Spencer, how can we ever thank you? Words can’t really express how we feel about what you have done for our family. We are forever in your debt, Spencer.”
Roy and Dawn Minton

“I wanted you to know that Spencer Markle is an outstanding trial attorney and is a credit to your firm. The Scott trial was extremely well presented from the plaintiff’s perspective.”
Russell W. Schell, attorney

“Outrageous conduct with no apology, no remorse and no acceptance of responsibility demands full justice.” Spencer Markle’s closing argument, quoted by the Dallas Morning News, Aug 15, 2006; Wood v. Goodrich trial ($6,000,000 verdict).

“Dear Mr. Markle, I just wanted to congratulate you on the verdict involving Jim Pirtle. It is obvious from final arguments in Jim’s case that-after 15 years or so-you are better than ever with your courtroom skills.”
George Flynn, former reporter, Houston Chronicle