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Settling Noncompetition Agreement Disputes

Should a former employee find a job at a competing business, you could be left at a significant disadvantage. Noncompetition agreements exist so you can rest easy knowing your investment into your employees will not backfire on you once they leave your organization. But in today’s marketplace, many employees fail to follow the terms of these agreements.

When your business’s integrity and resources are on the line, you cannot afford to stand idly by. At Markle • DeLaCruz, LLP our attorneys understand what is at stake for your business. That is why we represent closely-held businesses throughout the Houston area, holding ex-employees accountable when they breach their noncompetition agreements.

You Need An Experienced Attorney

In some instances, noncompetition agreements can be difficult to enforce. A skilled lawyer on the other side could bring the validity of your agreement into question, which is why you need an experienced and prepared trial attorney to build a powerful argument for your case.

Our law firm has a record of success in business law, contract law and employment law on behalf of Texas businesses. We offer aggressive representation to defend your business interests when a former employee violates these agreements.

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