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Unlawful Barratry and Solicitation Cases Against Lawyers

In our society, we hold attorneys to high professional standards. After all, when you retain counsel for an important case, you are placing your future in that person’s hands.

While it is a rare occurrence, attorneys sometimes fall short of the ethical and professional standards we expect of them. One such unethical practice is called barratry.

Unlawful barratry or solicitation cases occur when an attorney coerces you into taking your case into court, for the sole purpose of charging you for attorney’s fees.

At Markle • DeLaCruz, LLP we don’t take barratry lightly. When you are a victim of lawyer solicitation, you are entitled under Texas law to take legal action to recover:

  • All attorney’s fees you paid the lawyer
  • Any money you paid out to other parties as a result of the lawyer’s counsel
  • Further damages that resulted from the barratry or solicitation

Our goal is to put you in the position you were in before you were the victim of unethical legal counsel, compensating you for all the damage that was done.

Work with an Accomplished Trial Attorney

Unlike the attorney who may have taken advantage of you, our law firm is widely recognized throughout the Houston region for our reliable advocacy in trial. Attorney Spencer Markle has tried over 120 cases to juries in 23 Texas counties, and has an impressive track record when it comes to representing his clients both in and out of the courtroom.

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